Les bahasa inggris untuk pebisnis, memberikan layanan  belajar bahasa inggris bisnis, baik secara privat perorangn maupun kelompok grop. dengan metode pengajaran kami yang telah terbukti, sangat efektif, karena kami telah mulai layanan bahasa inggris,jauh sebelum jaman internet,

We had known that ENGLISH IS SPOKEN BY PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD, so English is the widest used in all aspect, expecially in business, as a result, mastering English is the most important part, that’s why helps for those who need English knowledge serves teachers with 20 years old experiece, so the participants will be handled by 50 years old teachers who has researched teaching since 20 years old, has large amount of knowledge for serving the businessmen / business women in all they need,HAS THE PROGRAM TO SET YOUR SPECIFIC GOAL IN BUSINESS ENGLISH

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